Who can tell?

I’m sitting at home on a random Tuesday at 3pm. Which isn’t really remarkable, until you think about the fact that not very long ago, I would have been sitting in an office (or on a train, or in a seminar, etc.) on most Tuesdays at this time. But here I sit, nonetheless, after having … Continue reading Who can tell?


I have had so many thoughts about this assinine “Meternity” idea-slash-book (go ahead, google it. I’ll wait.) that came out ages and ages ago. I finally have a few minutes (FINALLY) to commit those thoughts to pixels. Maternity (or parental) leave is not for mothers (or parents). It’s for babies. It is not an employment … Continue reading MeTernity

Three Fab Things: Roundup

www.bulletjournal.com – I’ve now been taking work notes with this system for an entire year. Unprecidented! I don’t incorporate any personal notes in this book (I use phone reminders & lists for that), but it’s made it amazingly easy to keep track of the various meetings, events, projects, task lists, etc. that I’m juggling at … Continue reading Three Fab Things: Roundup